PCB, PCB Assembly Manufacturing Service

* High Mix Low Volume------To collaborate with our customers' demands for small orders that we have dedicated teams to deal with the requirements.

* Board Types---------------------------------------- Printed Circuit Boards, FR-4, High TG (170℃/180℃), Halogen Free, ISOLA, ROGERS.

                                                                            Flex PCBs.

                                                                            Aluminum PCBs & Copper based. 
* Short Lead Time for Prototypes------------- PCB: 2 layer /16 hours, 4 to 6 layer /24 hours, 8  to 12 layer/48 hours.

                                                                            Flex PCB: 1 to 2 Layer /12 hours.                                    
* PCB Assembly ------------------------------------- Professional Team of Engineers with more than 10 years experience for PCBA Assembly Service

Printed Circuit Board
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Aluminum PCBs
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Assembly Services
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We are dedicated to be your best partner of PCB and PCB assembly. We are providing different types of circuit boards fabrication with assembly services which can facilitate your goal in time saving and costs reduction. 

Quality Guarantee

All our products and assembly services are strictly followed the operation procedures stipulated in ISO9001:2015 in respect to material purchasing, product manufacturing, testing, packing, etc.