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About  us

Welsa Co., Ltd. has a wealth of knowledge and experience in everything related to the manufacturing of circuits boards products. We operate on a global scale, providing a variety of companies and individuals with quality PCB boards products and assembly services.  
Our assembly production facilities in Taiwan. We provide economical one-stop PCB assembly services, including PCB fabrication, sourcing of components, and complete electronic PCB assembly. With a state of the art facility and modern technology, we cater to customers located worldwide in a broad spectrum of industries.
Our PCB manufacturing facilities are ISO9001-certified, IPC-A-600 compliant. We have a dedicated team for procurement of high-quality electronic components, to meet the ever-increasing demand for electronic PCB assembly services.
To enable us to save the valuable time and money of our customers, we will check all specifications, such as the bill of materials (BOM) and Gerber files, to ensure all problems associated with pre-production PCB designs are discovered and resolved to avoid problems during volume production runs.

- PCB Manufacturer

Looking for a qualified PCB manufacturer? We are here for you, tell us your requirements we will get it done for you right away!

- Flex PCB Fabrication

We offer high-quality Flexible Circuit Boards, manufactured professionally at a low cost. We have maintained standards for on-time delivery.

- Metal Baed PCB (Aluminum /Copper ) Manufacturing

From a simple double sided board to a complex multi-layer, our goal is to provide you a design that meets your requirements. Our experience in IPC Class III standards, very stringent cleanliness requirements, heavy copper production allow us to provide our customers exactly what they require for their application of final products.

- One-stop PCBA Manufacturer

Welsa, one of the experienced PCBA suppliers in Taiwan, offers high-quality manufacturing services with best standards in the industry. Adhering to ISO 9001:2015 guidelines.

- Quick Prototypes

We are able to provide PCB's from quick-turn prototypes to mass production for our customers with the best quality of products at a low cost based on our customers' project budgets.

About Us -Welsa
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