As a leading manufacturer of quality Circuit Board Products, We’ve been supplying circuits boards to local and global companies for years, and have developed an excellent reputation within the fields. Our engineers are closely supported by a team of highly trained professionals. All our production plants are certified in accordance with ISO and UL.

We offer the following:
Diverse base materials from standard FR4, , Flex PCBs and Aluminum PCBs.
* No Minimum quantities required for prototype with flexible order volume and delivery time. 

* All production facilities are located in Taiwan.

Our Products & Facilities

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PCB Material Cutting
Drilling Process
Patterns inspcetion
Developing Process
PCB Lamination Proess
Automatic PTH Line
Etching Line
High Aspect Ratio PTH Line
CCD Drilling Machine
Auto Soler Mask Printing
AOI Inspection
Warp Twist Inspection
Flexible PCB Laminating
Flexible PCB Testing
Flex PCB Hot Pressing
Flexible PCB Outline Punching
PCB Routing Process
Flying Probe Tester
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PCB Lamination Proess